Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are essentially defined as lenses that incorporate two or three prescriptions in a single pair of glasses. This design allows you to perform close-up tasks like reading a book or looking at your phone, mid-distance tasks like browsing a website on a computer, and distance viewing such as driving, all without the need to switch glasses or use bifocal and trifocal lenses that may look awkward. These lenses are perfect for today’s ultramodern generation, whose needs are different from those of decades past. Progressive lenses come in a wide variety of types and price points, enabling us to tailor the best progressive lens for you.

The Varilux XR series is the latest design from Essilor and has been voted the best overall progressive lens. This lens understands how your eyes naturally move. Powered by artificial intelligence, it can predict how you look at things, providing you with instant sharpness in motion and seamless transitions from near to far. This means clear vision at all distances and a reactive, stable experience, even when you are on the go.

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